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*~Cordie's Visions~* [entries|friends|calendar]
Cordelia Chase

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The Lair from the_embattled [5.21.06(1:33pm)]
[ mood | determined ]

At first, I thought Angel felt guilty for having sex with me. We discovered that he didn't turn to Angelus the first time, so we decided to have sex a second time. He's still brooding. He thinks Angelus is going to pop up. Me? I don't think he will. Angel told me he felt perfect happiness. I believe him. I saw it in his eyes. Marzanilla has many hidden secrets we don't know about. One of them, is keeping Angelus away. Maybe, it's a different dimension? What ever it was, Angel is still Angel, and I'm not complaining.

Angel discussed telling Buffy about what we did. I had my reservations. It's none of her business, but if Angel wants me to tell her, than I have no problem telling her Angel and I made love. Boy, the look on her face would be classic. I told Angel we wouldn't need to tell anyone, unless he turned to Angelus. In the meantime, we're going to keep it between us.

We walked out into the darkness. The sun wasn't keeping Angel away, anymore. Sex talk aside, our thoughts were on finding Connor.

The helicopter was still there as we walked by and started into the woods. A minute later, there was an explosion. Graham and his co-pilot were dead. The helicopter was gone. There was no way home. Angel pulled me away. I thought we were going to step back, but he wanted to keep on going to find Connor. I didn't want to leave the scene, but I couldn't let Angel go find his son on his own, either. If anything happened to Angel and I wasn't there, I wouldn't know what to do. I followed my heart, and my heart told me to go with Angel. There was nothing else we could do. The bodies were complete dust.

Further and further, we went into the woods. There was no light, so I couldn't see anything. Angel was the one with the whole night vision perk. We stopped and heard noises coming from different directions. These weren't regular noises. More like, demon noises. I couldn't see a thing. That was creepy. I asked Angel if he could see anything.

I can see just fine, Cordy, but you have to be ready to do some damage. Do you remember our training? Are you sure that you can handle yourself?"

I wanted to slap him. "Can I handle myself? Of course I can, Angel. What do you think I am?" I pfft'd. I didn't like that he was talking to me like I was a porcelain doll. I was angry, tired, and worried. These demons didn't want a piece of me.

"I'm thinking that a pack of humans wouldn't be this deep in the woods at this hour, or even during the day."
"Yeah, I'm with you on that one." I squeezed his hand tighter as he pulled me along with him, keeping me close. "Where are we going?" I started running with him. We ran into a cave and Angel staked one of the demons. It turned to ooze in front of our eyes. The other demons turned to us and did this high pitch scream. "Uh, I think they're mad at you."

"Stay close to me."

Angel staked another demon. They died fairly easy. I had a feeling there were more. Angel asked them where his son was, and they kept quiet. "Oh, I get it. You guys like to talk amongst yourselves, but not to us. That's rude." I lunged toward another demon and punched it in the face. He turned back and looked at me. "Ok, well let's try this then." I staked him in the chest.

I looked back at Angel and smiled. He motioned to get out of the way. Before I could turn and look, the demon tackled me down to the ground. The demon punched me in the face. He grabbed my head and went to bite into it. I began to glow. My glow works to my advantage now. Everytime I'm in a situation I can't seem to get myself out of, I start to glow. The glow went from me, and transferred onto the demon. The demon looked confused. Then, it blew up. The demon flesh and ooze splattered all over me.

"Eww and eww. My new shirt is completely ruined. God, this is so disgusting." Angel walked over to me and held out his hand. I grabbed his hand and he pulled me up to a standing position. I was a little worn out from glowing. Not bad, as usual. It didn't take much out of me to destroy the demon. I looked up at Angel. My face turned into a pout. "I'm all dirty and stinky, now." He wiped blood off of my face. "We killed the four, but something tells me more are in here. I can feel it."

Angel looked around and sensed it too. "I gotta say, they were pretty easy to kill. I don't know how we'll be if we're ambushed by hundreds, but I'm not going to go there, right now." I gave Angel a nervous smile, at the thought.

I knew we were about to go deeper into the cave and we weren't coming out until we had Connor.


Rick's Magic N' Stuff from angel_season1 [4.16.06(2:24pm)]
[ mood | blank ]

The goo that Wes collected, definitely belonged to an Ethros demon. I didn't get my hands dirty, but I was there for support. Ryan was knocked out when we drove back to the office. Wes mentioned something about the demon using most of his energy. I felt bad for the kid. My brownies saved the day. Secretly, I knew Wes thought they were horrible, and Angel did everything in his power to avoid tasting them. But, I let them get away with it, this time. They do that again, and they'll get what's coming to them. We got the boy, brought him and his family back to Angel's room, and there's still more to do, before we fully save the day. So, day not saved, just yet.

Angel volunteered me to go to Rick's Magic N' Stuff. Well, it wasn't Angel. It was more like Wes decided that we should go to two different places. I mean, what if Penn comes by to kill me? I'm all by myself. But, I have a stake, a cross and a bottle of holy water in my purse, so I feel a little safe. Penn is the only worse that could happen. Hopefully, he's not out and about, tonight. Today is so not the day to be terrorizing us. We have enough going on, right now. Anyway, I get to go to

Angel gave me a lot of money to buy the Ethros box. He had all of that money in his wallet. I knew this Ethros box was more valuable than anyone mentioned. Yeah, it's the box we're going to hold the demon in, but who knew a box would cost that much, just to hold something inside of it? Judging by the amount he just handed over to me, we're going to talk, seriously, about my salary raise.

I took Wes' jeep and head to Rick's Magic N' Stuff. Angel and Wes went to find a priest. I was a bit uncomfortable leaving the family in Angel's place. What if Ryan woke up and hurt his mother and father? Sure, he was chained to the bed, but there were ways he could do some damage. I wanted to go in, get the box, and get back as soon as possible. I didn't know how long Angel and Wes were going to be. It could take hours for them to find a priest that could actually perform an exorcism. Okay, I'm really making myself worry, now. I have to remain calm and get this done.

I parked in front of Rick's Magic N' Stuff. When I got out of the jeep, I had a funny feeling. I looked around. Down the street, behind me, the other side of the block. There was no one around. I had a feeling like someone was watching me. I shook it off and hurried into the store.

This place was pretty small. I looked around and saw a shelf with boxes on it. I walked over and checked each one out. "Blessed be. Do you need any help?". I jumped and looked behind me. I rolled my eyes.

"God, give someone a heart attack!" He just looked at me. I sighed. "I need an Ethros box."

"A woman that knows what she wants. I like that."

Lovely. "Yeah, well I need it." There was a long pause. "You know, like right now." This guys was seriously creepy.

"Unfortunately, we don't have an Ethros box. We only have this Methos box."

I looked at him, confused. "What's the difference?"

It was made by deaf Tibetan nuns, rather than blind Tibetan nuns.

Was he for real? All of this was too confusing. I guess I have to go with what's available. I didn't have all night. "I guess I'll have to settle for this. I'll take it."

"Lovely choice," he said with a smile. "Would you like me to gift wrap it?"

"Uh, no. Here," I handed him the money. "Thanks," I said grabbing the box and walking out of the store.

There was still no one around. It was a dark street, and all I wanted was to get back to the office. I managed to put the box on the passenger side of the jeep, before I was grabbed from behind. I was thrown to the ground and I looked up. A vampire. My eyes widened and I kicked him in between the legs. He bent over, I got up and started to run. He recovered and ran after me. I turned down an alley Too bad I didn't know the alley didn't go a long way. There was a fence in my way. When I got to the fence I turned around. The vampire wasn't there.

Slowly, I began to walk back toward the street, frantically looking everywhere around me. Just when I reached the street, the vampire jumped out, grabbed me and carried me to the beginning of the alley. I screamed. He slammed me against the wall, and held my throat and began to squeeze. I tried to scream, but nothing came out of my mouth. Tears began to fall down my face. My heart was racing, my breathing becoming non-existent.

I didn't know how I was going to get out of this situation. There had to be a way.


Defeating the Thessaulac demon from beautiesnbeasts [4.09.06(9:35pm)]
[ mood | determined ]

Things were going so well. We left the club, to go to the Hyperion. I must say, things were better with us two. No annoying Spike and crazy Dru with us. I thought they would be behind us sooner or later, but they didn't. I guess they decided to stay back. Hey, I'm not complaining.

We were actually getting along. Yeah, we argued in the tunnels for awhile, but I'm starting to understand where Angelus is coming from. I didn't agree with him on calling me clingy, though. I don't think I'm clingy. I just like being around him. Is that so wrong? And, I don't care what he says, we're a couple in some way, shape or form. He didn't have to agree on it, but it is what it is. Other than that, I think we came to some sort of understanding. I mean, every time we argue, there's going to be no winners. We're both stubborn and controlling. So, arguing would be pointless. I liked the way things were going now.

The Hyperion was the ultimate in hotel living. It's huge and really beautiful. I, immediately, fell in love with the place when we walked into the lobby. There was one odd thing. I felt like something happened here. Angelus was filling in me on this demon that was at the hotel back in the fifties, as we were walking in the tunnels. I just didn't know the full story. But, I could feel it all around. It's was pretty weird.

He took me upstairs to check out the rooms. We went into a room, and I knew it was Angelus' room, when he was Angel. The room was great. I told him I wanted us to stay in that room and he said that we could. With all of that set, we headed down the hall toward the other rooms. I followed Angelus into another room and there was this old lady in there. Clearly, it was the woman that set Angel up and had him hanged by the people in the hotel. She's been here all along. It's amazing how long she survived here. I looked her over. Her many wrinkles made me appreciate my vampire status, more.

The lady took one look at Angel and she looked surprised. Then, she smiled. The next minute she had a heart attack in front of our eyes. Angelus broke her neck, after that happened. I wondered where the demon was, and I followed Angelus downstairs to the lobby. Angelus called out to the demon and he appeared at the bottom of the steps. He wasn't happy that he couldn't feed off of Judy, anymore. I think that was her name.

It seemed like Angelus was going to start a fight with the Thessaulac demon. Angelus didn't want anyone in this hotel, besides us and our victims. I was getting a little worried. This thing was big and it had tentacles. In a surprising twist, Angelus told him that he could stay here and bring in victims. We went upstairs to open windows and opened the windows downstairs, leaving through the basement, and left him to lure people in the hotel. When we got to the basement, I looked at Angel confused. Why were we leaving?

"It's daytime, Cordy. This hotel is going to be ours. He'll invite some guests in, some little treats, and he might even think that we are scared of him, but guess what? I'm not. All that I need is a nice broad sword and I can make fillet-o-Thessaulac, and with the side bonus of having a bunch of paranoid and motionless victims to torture."

I looked at him and smiled. "You're so bad, Angelus. You totally played him," I said with an excited look. "He's not going to know what hit him, when we get back." I kissed him on the cheek as we went into the tunnels.

We ran to this little magic shop and Angelus picked up two broad swords. One for me and one for him. He killed the shopkeeper. I felt a little bad, because he was an old man. Anyway, we were in and out of the store. We went back into the tunnels and before we went any further, Angelus turned to look at me.

"When we get to the basement of the hotel, Cordy, let's give the gumbo-eating thessaulac a chance to pull some victims in. I'm not talking about waiting until night comes, of course, but a few more minutes, anyway."

I rolled my eyes. "What? A few more minutes? How do you even know he's brought anyone in, yet? It could take hours, right? I can't imagine just anyone being lured in. Then, again, I have no idea how he works his luring powers." I approached the basement door and I held my sword, confidently. "Alright, tell me what it is exactly that we're going to do when he go back in there." I wanted to go in there prepared. I think I'm going to kick some major ass with Angelus, but I wanted to know some weaknesses.


The Cave Part 2: Angel or Angelus? from the_embattled [4.01.06(7:25pm)]
[ mood | relieved and excited ]

Me and Angel did a lot of talking, after sex. Usually, couples curl up and snuggle together, right? At least normal couples. Instead, I'm in fear that my boyfriend might turn into an evil, sadistic killer, again. Let me tell you...not a whole lot of fun.

Our hormones totally got out of control. Who could blame us? It happened. It was destined to happen sooner or later. I didn't think it would come around so soon, but it has, and now we have to deal with the possible consequences. Angel. A vampire with a soul. A cursed soul, that he'll lose if he experiences true happiness. It's such a burden on him. Although, he'll never admit it. Angel likes to brood in the dark for hours at a time. Is it so bad for Angel to have some happiness in his life? Well, ok, maybe not perfect happiness, but a little happiness? Truth is, it is bad for him to have any happiness and it sucks. I guess all that pent up sexual tension we had, exploded and we had sex. He didn't quite finish, but he said he was experienced true happiness. Now, we're still here in the cave, waiting for him to turn into Angelus.

I could have left, but I refuse to leave Angel. I will not leave Angel. If anything happens to him, I want to be here for him. This is not an easy thing. And, I'm part of the reason why we're in this situation right now. I have to be here.

Nothing could be a good thing right now, but we haven't ran into any demons. That is a good thing. I can't say the same for Buffy and the gang. Thinking about them made me worry more. In all of this, it's like I forgot we had to deal with more than a possible Angelus visit. After all, we're on a demon infested island and Connor ran away and everyone followed him into the woods. We have no idea if there's any progress. Do they even know where we are? I can't believe I let the lust take over me so much, that I only cared about myself and Angel at that moment. At that moment, I didn't care about anyone else. I was so careless. We both were.

After our long talk, we got dressed and tried to look for a place to put Angelus, should the occasion arise. We found nothing. So, we went back to the place where we made love. God, it was the most mind blowing sex I've ever had. Considering, I've only slept with one other guy, who got me pregnant with demon spawn.

We laid down on the grass, or whatever it was and we held each other. This could be the last moment we are here with each other. I told Angel that I was going to be strong and do what I have to do to Angelus, but I was scared. Scared, that I would have to face killing him. I'm still not sure if I could go through with it. I held him tighter thinking about it.

I told him how much I loved him. He should know that. I mean, he already knows that I love him and I know that he loves me, but I wanted him to hear it from me, again.

Me and Angel talked some more. We even lightened the mood with small jokes. It was nice. My nerves were still out of control, but he made me feel a little more comfortable. Eventually, I we fell asleep. I'm pretty sure I fell asleep, first. I don't know if Angel stayed up or if he slept. I can't believe I actually fell asleep. I thought I would be the last person to even want to sleep at a time like this.

I felt Angel jump and I automatically woke up and moved away from him as fast as I could. I looked at him with wide eyes. "A-Angel?" He looked at me. My breathing was fast and my heart almost dropped.

"Relax, Cordy. It's still me."

Angel kept looking at me. I couldn't take my eyes off of him. I looked deeply into his eyes. He was telling the truth. If I knew anyone in this world, it was Angel. I've met Angelus before. Angelus wouldn't have let me move away from him. Besides, Angel's eyes pretty much gave him away. It was like I could see his soul. Those warm deep brown eyes held all of his emotions. Also, I think I could sense the soul within him. My demon side surprised me more and more everyday.

I crawled over until I was next to him. "I-I can't believe you're still you. I mean, I'm glad you're still you, but...how?," I asked confused. My hands went to his face and I looked at him and smiled. I couldn't help it. Then, I kissed him. "What does this mean?" There was some reason he didn't turn. We have to figure out what it is.


Into The Sewers...Eww! from beautiesnbeasts [3.21.06(4:52pm)]
[ mood | exhausted ]

We showed our faces at D'iabolique, and we turned the place out. Well...more like Dru and Spike turned the place out. Angelus killed and injured some people and I killed a bouncer. Spike and Dru? Well, they're still killing people. We trapped them in with us. I'm still pinned to the door by Angelus' body. We were having sex of the unknown kind. Angelus grabbed me from my kill and just started to kiss me and then it went on from there. I'm convinced it completely turned him on. That's when I told myself, I should do that more often. I never had to get a guys attention. Angelus can be so blind. It's like I have to do something to get his undivided attention. With Dru here, it's even worse. So, I had to step up my game to make sure most of his attention was directed my way. I'll work on that in time. Right now, I was enjoying the sex we were having. Oh, and the fact that my fangs were deeply in his neck.

I think he liked it, because he went into me harder. I bit down on him harder. His blood was putting me into another world. I couldn't think straight. I moaned as I continued to suck his blood and he continued to pound into me. I released his neck and hit my head on the door. It felt that good. Angelus looked at me with his blood on my mouth. His eyes turned amber and his face changed. He grinned and licked his fangs. Then, he moved in and kissed me. I could feel his fangs slicing my tongue open. My blood coming out and us moaning together. He pulled back and pushed my neck to the side with his head. He licked and nipped before sinking his fangs in me.

The feeling was just as good as it was when he first turned me. The orgasm came as a surprise. God, it was good. "A...Ang..elus," I moaned as he sucked my blood and my orgasm began to calm down. Angelus, of course, wasn't finished. That's ok. With my vampire stamina, I think I could keep going at this rate.

When he his fangs came out of my neck, he licked every last drop of my blood, as he moved still inside of me. "You didn't leave any for me," I said with a mock pout. He smiled and I grabbed him and kissed him. Our tongues were fighting for dominance, and I was winning. I wanted to keep him and never let him go. Have him stay inside of me, forever. "Don't ever leave me ok?" I laughed. "I wouldn't know what to do." I don't know why I said it, but I did. He looked at me. There was no disgust on his face. It was just straight. I didn't know what he was thinking. I wish I knew. But, if it was bad, then I didn't want to know. I can't be bad to keep around. I'm Cordelia Chase. Angelus should want me all of the time. I'm evil enough, by nature and even worse as a vampire. You think he would appreciate it.

We continued to have sex as Spike and Dru killed every last person in the club. It was silent, except for Dru humming, Spike talking and us moaning and gasping.

After my second orgasm, Angelus came inside of me. I held on to him and road out our orgasm. He lifted his head and kissed me. This one was hard, but a little more subtle. "Mmmmmm," I said licking my laps. "That was good." I smiled brightly. I let my legs unwrap from his waist. I remembered that he ripped my panties off, so all I had to do was let my skirt down. Angelus pulled his pants up and put his coat back on.

I grabbed his hand and intertwined our hands together. We walked over dead bodies and walked straight into the dance floor. Dru was still dancing to the music and Spike was behind the bar drinking everything in sight. I sighed. "Please don't tell me we're stuck in here with them two all day. There's nothing left for us to do. We can't go anywhere." The sun was up. My day didn't include Spike and Dru. Angelus looked around and then down at the middle of the dance floor. There was a huge vent in the middle of the floor.. "We're not staying here. There's another way out." I looked over at him.

"Please don't tell me we're going into the sewers." My face was in complete disgust. My wardrobe was not sewer ready. I groaned.


Looking For An Ethros Demon from angel_season1 [3.18.06(10:53pm)]
[ mood | determined ]

Is this day not over, yet? Today, has been the longest day of my life. Just when I think it's over, we still have a case to solve. Me and Wes did some research. Well, Wes did the most. I sat around thinking about Angel. I don't know. I mean, it's hard not to think about what happened. That kiss, well, kisses, were implanted in my head. I have to get a grip. I told myself I'm leaving this all in Angel's court. He's the one with the issues here. Whatever. It's Angel's call.

Me and Wes were up in Angel's office for a couple of hours. When Wes wasn't being uptight, he was a really cool person to talk to. He might not give good advice, but he listened to me vent about Angel. I felt better after getting everything out. Of course, it was all Wes' fault, but I was over that and wanted to put that behind us. Instead, we talked about how bad it would be if I kept on avoiding Angel. Frankly, I was fine with avoiding Angel. It kept us from that awkward-ness that I didn't want to be in. Angel and the awkward, didn't do too well. He got all stammer-y and silent. Wes thought that me avoiding Angel would make matters worse. I thought about it and decided he was right. We had a job to do, and there was no time for stress in the workplace. Right now, we had to take care of the case.

After some research, we found out that this thing could be an Ethros demon. They possess the body of a humans. Now, we just had to find out who exactly was possessed. Angel thinks it's the father. So, while Angel's in the house, me and Wes will be outside the house looking around for any clues. I figured I'd help Wes out. It would keep my mind occupied and away from thinking too much. Something, I didn't need to do. Like I told Wes, if I stayed in the car, I would probably be a wreck. That wasn't healthy. Again, with the I don't need wrinkles at a young age.

The sun was down. I told Wes to go downstairs to get Angel and tell him that we're ready. Wes went into the elevator and I picked up my glass of water and walked out of Angel's office and sat down at my desk.

I heard the elevator coming back up. I gulped my water. I was a little nervous about looking at Angel. It can't be that hard can it? No, it's going to be ok. I'll just act...normal. Angel won't notice a thing, right? Ugh! That won't work. Angel can see right through me. I guess, I'll just have to manage. Put it behind me, for now. I can do that. This case is important to all of us. I can put it behind me for the case.

Angel and Wes came in to the main office and I looked up, making eye contact with Angel. A rush of heat when through my body when he looked at me. I smiled. "Hey," I said softly. "Ready champ?" Wes looked at me and Angel. I looked at Wes for a moment. This is what we've talked about. Me, not avoiding Angel. See? I'm not being avoid-y. I looked back at Angel and smiled. Okay, this is good. That wasn't so bad.

((Angel and Wes))

Thoughtless from the_embattled [3.07.06(12:09pm)]
[ mood | worried ]

The first step we took on Marzanilla, we had to go in this cave. Our whole purpose was to get out of the sunlight. That was all. We stay in there until sun down and then we're out of here. It was a simple task, and of course, that didn't turn out right. I mean, really...how could it? This was me and Angel you're talking about. Nothing goes right between us. None of us knew this would happen. It wasn't expected. It just...happened. We are a couple now, and it's what happens between a couple, in love. But, this was a different situation. We were different. I'm half demon. Angel's a vampire with a soul and a curse. The curse. Up until now, that was something we both were not thinking about and we were careless.

It started with a kiss. A nice kiss, that got out of control. I must say, I was mostly responsible for taking things further. Vampire, or whatever, Angel was a man. In the back of my mind I knew things couldn't go too far, but I wasn't thinking straight. At the time, I just wanted Angel in every way. No one can fault me for that.

So, yeah, we made love. It was beautiful and perfect. I got to...you know, finish. Angel didn't finish. Which is why I'm now, sitting here naked looking at Angel. He stopped, just as I finished my orgasm. He looked scared, confused and everything in that category. Angel just sat there. I didn't know what to do. I didn't know what to say. This was definitely my fault. I should have kept my clothes on. I mean, I could have just straddled him and kept my clothes on. Then, we wouldn't be in this huge mess and we would have just stayed there kissing.

"Angel, what's wrong? Was it something I did? Please tell me." It was all I managed to get out.

"It..it wasn't something that you did, Cordy..."

"Cordy, the curse. I love you. How do we not know that Angelus isn't on the way, already? That was amazing, and amazingly careless."

I felt the guilt slowly build up inside of me. It was all good news and bad news wrapped into one. What if Angelus was on his way? I didn't know that. I looked away from Angel and looked up to the beautiful waterfall we were sitting in front of. "Angel, I love you too. I-I'm sorry. I didn't mean to take it so far. I should have stopped. You might turn back into your maniac, killer alter ego, and it's my fault." I got up and walked up toward where we came from. Angel followed behind me. I don't know if he was just following me back, or if he was coming after me. I just kept walking faster and faster, completely naked.

How could we be so careless and think that he was completely without the curse? I don't understand how we let that go over our heads. It bothered me to no end.

I stopped right where we left our clothes. I turned and saw Angel right behind me. I jumped a bit. "God, Angel! Don't scare me like that!" My heart was thumping fast. "What are we going to do? Just wait it out and see if you turn into Angelus?" I didn't bother with my clothes that I saw on the ground. I was too worried about what was going to happen. Then, I realized I had to calm down and relax.

I stepped closer to Angel and caressed the side of his face. "That was perfect, huh? The fact that you said Angelus may be on his way, tells me that much." I gave him a small smile. It's the least I could do at a time like this. Make the best out of it. Angel would let me know if he started to feel differently. He wouldn't let Angelus hurt me. I prepared myself for the worst, but hoped for the best. "I'm not going anywhere, until you give me the signal. Until then, I'm staying here with you."


Great, Drusilla from beautiesnbeasts [2.12.06(5:33pm)]
[ mood | annoyed ]

I've got my clothes, and we finally left Sunnydale. Touching and kissing Angelus in the car, despite the two knuckleheads fighting all the way to L.A., had me all fired up. I just wanted to get a room and spend my night with Angelus. Alone. We were almost there, until Spike jumped out of the car. We just had to get out of the car to see why Spike just jumped out.

There was all this talk of her. She this and she that. The sniffing of the air was disturbing. Is that what I'll be doing too? I even asked Angelus what Spike was talking about and he completely ignored me. He looked like he was excited about her. I crossed my arms over my chest. We get here to have a good time, and here we are, and me, not having a good time. But apparently, Angelus and Spike are having a good time.

Angelus told Spike that it was his lucky night and Spike kept saying that too. Again, no one was paying attention to me and giving me some damn answers.

"Yes, mate. It is my lucky day. Not only now, do I not have to watch the two of you fumble with your buttons, but I can get my ripe and wicked plum back."

Okay, so he doesn't have to see me and Angelus have sex. That was a given. I wasn't going to let him sit there and watch us. I don't think so. "Ripe, wicked plum? Spike, who are you talking about?" I nudged Angelus with my elbow. Dumbass wasn't even paying attention. What the hell could possibly keep their attention and their noses in check? I sniffed there air and smelled something, but it wasn't a familiar spell. Another vampire? Yes. Female? Yes. Who? I had no idea.

"Bloody right this is a great night, Angel. You know it. We have to get Drusilla and get a good bit of destruction on. Don't you feel it now? Don't you feel how things are about to get very sodding interesting?"

Drusilla. I looked over at Angelus. "She's here?" I remembered Drusilla from last year, when she came here with Spike and they tried to kill Angel. Then the whole Buffy boinking Angel came along and he turned to Angelus. Buffy finaly killed him and sent him to hell. During that time, I think that's when Drusilla and Spike got out of Sunnydayle. I can't believe she's here in L.A. I mean, it's not her fault she's here, but this is wasting some serious me and Angelus time. If I was completely clueless I wouldn't have noticed that Angelus was liking this idea that Drusilla was here. And, I must say, I wasn't pleased.

"Yes, we should gather up our dotty Drusilla, Spike. The last time that I saw her, if I recall correctly, you double-crossed both of us. I'm sure that she will be interested in seeing the two of us together again."

Alright, this was really getting on my nerves. "Uh, hello? Am I not here?" I caught him off guard and pushed Angelus and he fell to the ground. He glared at me and stood up moving toward me. I had my hands on my hips. "About time you're paying attention to me. What's your deal? I sighed. I was only a vampire for a few hours and already I'm arguing with Angelus. "And, don't you mean she's going to see us three together? You forgot me, already? That's just great." Angelus smiled at me.

I hated when he smiled. Even when he was Angel. Although, when he was Angel, he really didn't smile that often. I rememeber making him smile a few times. Anyway, the point is, when he smiles, I melt. And, I'm not one to give in too easily. He was so going to get punished, tonight. I gave him a slight smirk. Dammit, Cordelia!

I looked over at Spike who was still sniffing and having his eyes closed. He totally had something mental going on. "Look at him. He's going to die from sniffing too much. He must have missed Drusilla a lot, huh?"

Angelus was sniffing the air, again. I put my hands on my hips. I looked deeply into his eyes and my eyes flickered gold. If he couldn't tell I was pissed off, I was going to slap him. "Don't tell me you're getting all nostalgic, too. Angel I'm your girlfriend. She's just someone you turned. What's so special about her?" Angelus looked at me and glared. Oh boy, he looked pissed. Well, I didn't care. He's not going to scare me.

God, I shouldn't be feeling like this, right? I mean, I'm a vampire now. Do vampires get jealous? I didn't know we had any feelings. Not fun, I tell ya. Images in my head of Angelus and Drusilla and me staking both of them That's not good. He's my like master, or whatever. My boyfriend, right? We had sex and we kiss a lot and he's bought me clothes. I would think that means I'm his woman. And, his only woman, right? I didn't know how this vampire love went. Did Angelus have these feelings for Drusilla too?

I silently growled at Angelus. Loud enough for him and Spike to hear. Spike turned and looked at me. Then, he started walking toward us. "If this big lug doesn't tell me anything more about Drusilla, you better be prepared to give me some answers about your so called girlfriend, blondie." I glared at Spike as he stood next to Angelus.

((Angelus, Spike and eventually Drusilla))

Love Hurts from angel_season1 [2.02.06(11:17pm)]
[ mood | sad ]

So many things were being said. Angel was barely talking. Wes was babbling and piled on many topics. At this point, I just wanted to go home. I didn't want to be around these two.

Everything was going fine with me and Angel. We had a falling out the other night and patched things up. Things were said from both of our sides, but we put them behind us. Angel went out and saved the little boy in my vision, and he came back. He sent Wes out for the newspaper. We stood there talking and moving closer to each other. The next thing I know, we were kissing.

I can explain the kiss over and over again. It was that good. The kiss was soft and slow, at first. His mouth and my mouth played for dominance. He let me dominate for awhile, before he completely took over the kiss. At that point, he owned me. Let me tell ya. I was lost in the kiss. So lost, I think I forgot where I was for a moment. It made my feelings for Angel more. The fact that he was kissing me the way he did tells me that he had feelings for me. Plus, he mentioned about the feelings.

We were so wrapped up in the kiss that we didn't hear Wesley come back in. He stood there not too thrilled. Anyway, he gave us the full on curse speech, and Angel was angry about it, at first. Telling Wes to mind his own business. I said my part and even got in Wesley's face. Angel agreed on everything I said. It seemed to go all downhill after Wes and Angel were talking about how Buffy gave him perfect happiness and Wes was questioning if being with anyone else could give him that happiness. I turned to Angel and asked him if I could give him perfect happiness.

He said nothing. That silence told me everything. I didn't need to know anymore.

I tried to play it off, like it didn't bother me. Deep down, it was killing me, but Cordelia Chase does not breakdown in front of anyone. I wasn't trying to look vulnerable. I actually agreed with Wes that we should look into Angel's curse. It gave me a bit of hope, I guess.

Angel gave us his thoughts on that idea. You could say he killed the whole idea.

"I appreciate the need to want to research the curse, Wesley. The only problem with that, is that you aren't going to find the definitive answers that you are looking for. Do you think that I haven't researched it? For one hundred years I have had to deal with it. Do you think that in one-hundred years of fruitless searching, that you'll be able to find the answer, find the way for me to be happy and in love?"

I don't know. I think he's right. He has been able to do way more research than Wes will ever do. I mean, it's his curse. But, Wesley wasn't going to give up that easily.

"Well, there may not be a research guide to the curse, Angel, but rather, we can look at it from another angle."

I looked at Angel and plastered on a fake smile. "Another angle is always good. Wes could be right, you know? Maybe, you should let us do this for you." I couldn't take my eyes off of him, but I did. Looking at Angel was killing me inside. Just when I thought that conversation was over, Wes continues his speech.

Wes' SpeechCollapse )

Moving on is hard to do from the_embattled [1.29.06(7:12pm)]
[ mood | blank ]

I wasn't sure what I should be feeling at this point. There was a lot going on. I didn't know whether to feel bad for anyone, or be happy with the events that unfolded just before we got on the chopper. Angel, Connor and I sat all the way in the back.

Me, Angel, Buffy and Connor were caught up in conversation. Snarky remarks were made. Strange looks were given. It felt like High School, again. I wanted to give a bottle to both Buffy and Connor. They were acting like a bunch of big babies. Okay, I was guilty, but not as bad as Buffy. She even had Connor beat in that department.

Angel shook us with his revelation. He told Buffy that me and him were together. Boy, it was so news to me. I was completely blank. I wasn't sure if he was telling her this, so she would back off, or if it was real.

There was always something there between me and Angel. I didn't take notice of it, until we came back from Pylea. Then, we trained, very closely and I found myself being more attracted to him. It sparked more interest when we went to the ballet. The kisses and feels were brought on by the dead spirit of lovers, but it was us. Back at the hotel, that night, we talked and he wanted to tell me something. I remember the way I felt. Hoping he would feel the same way that I did. Then, Groo showed up.

Groo was there for awhile. I felt really bad about it, but Angel never finished telling me what he wanted to say and he was acting stand-offish. Then, he gave me money to go on vacation with Groo. So, I did. After we came back and I found out what happened to Connor, I knew Groo wasn't what I wanted. I was so worried about Angel and making sure he was ok. I told Groo he had to leave. I didn't love him. I tried, but he wasn't what I wanted.

Now, I'm sitting here in the chopper, next to Angel. His arm is around me and I've never felt more comfortable in my life. We're together. We're in love. He didn't even ask me properly to be his girlfriend. I'll be sure to grill him on that, later.

Anyway, when Angel mentioned it to Buffy, she completely went off on him. It seemed like she was digusted with the fact that Angel had fell in love with me. Like, I wasn't good enough. Oh, I gave her a piece of my mind. Then, she tried to tell us she was happy, and I actually believed her. Angel shot that down, and called Buffy out. Turns out, she wasn't happy at all. In fact, she hated it.

Buffy had no choice but to walk away. And, she did just that.

We went over to Fred and say Gunn standing next to her. I almost fainted from seeing him. Gunn was standing in front of us and me and Angel looked like we saw a ghost. I didn't believe it was him, but he spoke and I knew it had to be him. Angel was more shocked, than anything. He was definitely dead when we buried him, so he felt bad, because he should have known he was alive. I had to tell Angel that it wasn't his fault.

Eventually, he opened up and Gunn reassured him that it wasn't his fault. He felt more at ease. I thought his reawakening was mystical, but Angel explained everything to myself and Fred. It just turned out that he wasn't completely dead. How? I have no clue and I wasn't about to ask Angel. He was in brood mode, and I don't think it had anything to do with Buffy. It was Gunn.

I nuzzled his neck and kissed him on the cheek. "What's the matter, champ?, I whispered in his ear." I heard a snicker and I turned and rolled my eyes at Connor. "Shush it you." I immediately turned my attention back to Angel.

Marzanilla awaited us. There was something evil there, and I was worried. I hope we will do our business and all come back, alive and safe.

I had a really bad feeling about this. We didn't know what we were going to deal with, but I felt it. I felt the pain and the fear.

((Angel and Connor))

Shopping with Angelus from beautiesnbeasts [1.16.06(5:13pm)]
[ mood | excited ]

We've finally made it to April Fools. Our one pit stop, before we head off to Los Angeles. What sucks, is we can't stay here and browse around for a long time.

"Cordelia, I appreciate the desire to have nice duds. I mean, look at me...I appreciate that desire, but remember, this shop is in Sunnydale, and tormenting them means them not knowing that I'm there, other then Spike, and it means them not knowing your fate. That means we'll be using the back entrance and be in and out of there quickly."

Yeah, yeah. Blah, blah. Did he not know it's Cordelia Chase, he's talking to? I mean, I'm a vampire now, I get that, but I'm still basically, the same. I love to shop, and him telling me that we have to be quick with the shopping, doesn't do anything for me. My shopping desire, dwindled. I looked over at him. "You mean, we can't even kill the people that work there? That's no fun." The fact that we had to get in, shop, and get out tells me that we couldn't touch the employees. Which means that Angelus will have to pay whatever I pick out. This place is expensive, so I hope he has enough money.

This totally sucks. Forget the fact that I'll never have a nice tan, again. Although, I might be able to keep it with some bronzer. But, I'm hungry, again. As Angelus said, we can't let anyone know I was here and your fate. Whatever. All because of Cry Buffy, as usual.

I sighed and got out of the car. I let him take the lead, and he grabbed my hand and pulled me through the back entrance.

"Hello, welcome to April Fools", the woman greeted us. I smiled. "Hi." She looked at my attire. "Yeah, can you believe this outfit. So, not flattering. I know what I want, we won't be long." I smiled brightly at her, again. Angelus looked around at all the beautiful clothes that were displayed.

I browsed around and already picked out at least 5 dresses, some jeans and a couple of shirts. Just because I'm a vampire, doesn't mean I have to dress differently. There's no way, I'm changing my style. I'm not Angelus, Jr., you know? I mean, I can probably wear some leather, and I'll definitely look good. Angelus looks good in leather too. I looked over at him, and if I had a hard, it would be thumping hard and fast, right about now. He was utterly flawless. Perfect in every way. We make the perfect couple. God, I wanted to take him here and now. Unfortunately, that will have to wait.

The two women there were nice. They weren't hoovering or bothering me or Angelus, while I shopped. I went up to Angelus. "Sire, come with me. I'm going to try some things on, and I want you to tell me how I look." I gave him a kiss on the lips, as I took him toward the back. I sat him down on a chair, in front of my dressing room.

I found a black short mini leather skirt, that I know he would love, with a black leather halter top, that showed my perfect cleavage. It'll go perfect with my knee high leather boots, that were in the car. That reminds me, I need to buy more shoes while I'm here. I put the outfit on and walked out of the dressing room. "How do I look, baby?"

Angelus eyed every part of my body. I could feel it. It was making me weak in the knees. "Perfect, baby", he said as he stood up and caressed my body and kissed me hard. I could feel the blush creeping up on my face, as I turned and saw the shop girl looking at us. I pushed Angelus away, with a little shove and went back in to change into another outfit. This outfit was a beautiful long black, silk fitted dress.

When, I went to walk out, I noticed someone standing outside of the store window. I squinted. He looked very familiar. "Oh my god. Is that Spike?", I said. Angelus looked at me and then, looked toward the window. Yup, that was him, alright. I'm not sure if Spike was supposed to see this, or even me.

This was going to be a little problem.

((Angelus and Spike))

The Next Morning from angel_season1 [1.10.06(10:47pm)]
[ mood | determined ]

Talk about, not getting sleep? My plan was to go to bed, and have a good night's sleep. Instead, I slept and dreamed of Angel. Then, nightmares of Angel turning into Angelus. Let's just say, it started off nice, and ended bad.

"That may be true, Cordy. I don't doubt that you care for him in a way that transcends sex. I also have no doubt that he cares for you the same way. He did love Buffy and seemed to be prepared to stay with her and she with him, even after they knew that they could no longer have sex. y problem with the scenario is this. Feelings grow, things intensify, and Cordy, things will elevate.."

That's how we ended our conversation, last night. I wanted to say something, but I was exhausted and no matter what I said to Wes, he's still going to think the same way. I decided to leave it at that, and not argue.

This is all Wesley's fault, you know. If he didn't continuously tell me that being with Angel was a bad thing and that there will be consequences, if we were to get together, I would have had nice, hot, sexy, dreams of Angel. Dreams I've been having, lately. Angel. Kissing me, taking off my clothes. Normally, we go all the way and I wake up feeling happy. Last night, it started that way, but this time, when we went all the way, he turned to Angelus.

Wes a probing last night. He was asking me about my visions, but he really wanted to know about the Angel kiss. Well, I guess not know, because he already knew about it, but he wanted to tell me his two cents. I still don't know why he feels the need to tell me these things. What made it worse, was he mentioned Buffy and how he was prepared to stay with her, despite the sex thing. He mentioned the B name! I can't believe I let him get away with that.

I stayed in bed, a little longer than, usual. I had to think. Compose myself. Wes left me a bruise on my arm. I hope, Angel doesn't see it. Work will be a breeze, today. I'll go in and act normal. This is what Angel said, he wanted. No doubt, Wes will be happy. I had to put my mask on, today.

The mask is what I hide, behind. I tend to coverup my feelings. To the point, where no one knows there is something wrong. It was a gift, in high school. So, it should work, perfectly, today.

Wes, came into work with me. We didn't talk much in the car. I wasn't in a talking mood, this morning. He probably thought I was mad at him, and doing my best to avoid him. But, there wasn't much to say. He said all he needed to say to me, last night. God, why is that bothering me so much?

I parked and we hopped out the car and went in the office. I walked in first, and place my purse on my desk. I went over to the coffee machine and started a fresh pot for all of us. I'm sure Angel would want some this morning. I wonder how my vision kill went? I turned around and slammed right into Angel's chest. I yelped. My heart was racing super fast. "Geesh, Angel. Trying to give me an early death?" His eyes were apologetic. I calmed down and smiled.

"How did everything go, last night? I'm assuming everything went well? You're not hurt or anything are you?" Boy, I had such a problem with making sure he wasn't injured. He's a fast healing vampire for goodness sakes!

((Angel and Wes))

I'm a vampire...This is so cool! from beautiesnbeasts [1.03.06(8:53pm)]
[ mood | hungry ]

My eyes snapped open. I looked around and I was in a bed. I didn't know what was going on. I just felt really hungry. I wasn't hungry for anything solid, either. More of the red, liquid-y, variety. I sat up in bed. Naked, would describe me, right now. My eyes widened. I remember everything.

Xander. Me. Sex. Good, sex, but it had to end. Poor Xander was left behind. I was kidnapped by some greedy dumbass, who couldn't keep his fangs, to himself. That's ok, I suppose. I think I wanted him to take me, deep down. I mean, of course he wanted me. Who wouldn't?

Angelus. Me. Sex. That, was amazing sex. Although, I didn't want it...at first. I've always had a thing for Angel. Angel...Angelus, both the same to me. I begged him not to kill me, so he turned me into a vampire. I remember him biting my neck and I remember drinking his blood. God, it felt so good going down my throat.

I ran my hand up and down my chest and arms. Everything about me, was cold, to the touch. I was a full flegded vampire. I felt weird. I couldn't describe it, but I felt like I had power. A lot, of power. I was different. Maybe, not on the outside, but on the inside, I was definitely, different. My stomach growled and I looked down. I pouted. I was hungry. I wanted, something to eat, now.

Where was Angelus, anyway? What? He just turned me and left me? "Oh, no. If he just left me in here, and without food, I'm gonna..." I trailed off. I felt a presense in the room. Something, familiar. I sniffed the air. It was a wonderful scent. Wow, I can tell if anyone is here and even smell them. This is cool.

I saw something go by quickly, from the corner of my eye. I looked around. Nothing. Again, I saw something go in front of me, but when I turned to look, nothing was there. I could tell he was in the room. I almost said something. Then, he was at the foot of the bed. Angelus. I smiled.

"Sire", I whispered. He smiled. Seems like Angelus likes to be called Sire. I smiled, again. I threw the blanket off the rest of my body and got on my knees. I stared at Angelus. I had the sudden urge to throw him on the bed and fuck him, senseless. I crawled over to the foot of the bed, until I my head came in contact with his waist. I stood on my knees and wrapped my arms around him and kisses him.

"I thought I would have to go out and hunt your ass down. Now, who are you with?" Angelus grabbed me by the waist and wrapped my legs around his waist and carried me over to the other side of the room. He put me down and I saw a poor helpless fella in the corner, tied up. "Angelus, you shouldn't have. Dinner, for me?" I turned to him and smiled. He smiled, back.

I walked over to the man and knelt down. I took off the gag in his mouth. No doubt, Angel gagged him. He probably was whining too much. Me? I wanted to hear him scream when I drained him. I caressed the man's face and neck. "Are you going to be a good boy and scream for me?" He looked at me in horror, with tears in his eyes, and I laughed. My face, changed. I licked my fangs. "This will just hurt a tad." With that, I bit into his neck. He screamed in pain and that just made me sink my fangs in deeper. I kept drinking his blood, until Angelus pulled me away. The guy's body fell to the floor. He was still alive.

"Hey! I didn't even get to kill him! What are you doing? Trying to hog everything up and kill it yourself?" I crossed my arms over my naked chest.


The First Time from beautiesnbeasts [12.19.05(10:38am)]
[ mood | happy ]

Me and Xander were still kissing in the bathroom, when the words that he said to be earlier, kept repeating in my head.

"While it might not have been possible not so long ago, Cordy, I am in love with you too. I want it to be special too..."

I was about to make the biggest decision of my life. I mean, this was a huge deal. I said I loved him, and I meant every word. And, he loves me too. I couldn't be any happier when he told me. I knew I had deep feelings for Xander and I thought it could be love, but I never expressed it or thought it was love until, recently. Now, everything was set in stone. This was it.

I looked up at Xander and he took my hand and took me into my bedroom, and lay me down gently on the bed. Then, he lay next to me and began kissing me again. This time, he was caressing every part of my body. It felt so good. My body, once again, broke out in goosebumps. He knew where to touch me in all the right places. I don't know how he knew my body so well. We've only made out and that's as far as we went. I mean, he's touched my breasts, and my butt, but, that's as far as we went.

"Xander, is this your first time?" I don't recall asking him. I wanted him to be honest with me. If this were his first time, then we would share this special moment together for the rest of our lives. God, Hallmark, much? Xander has really gotten to me. I've turned into a major sap with him. I'm not complaining. I've learned to be more patient and generous with people. I still held my Queen Bitch status at Sunnydale, but at least I had more feelings, where important people that meant something to me, were concerned. Xander was at the top of that short list.

Most people like me and wanted to hang because I was popular, or hot. Xander liked every part of me. Bitchy flaws and all. He touched my heart and broke through my shell. He was the only person that saw my vulnerable side. He saw the real Cordy. I couldn't be fake in front of him. Xander didn't settle for the hard shell. He knew there was something deeper within in and I couldn't hide from him. Although, I had no other choice, I did want him to see me.

Now, we're here together, about to have sex. To make love.

Xander moved on top of me, as I looked into his eyes, never looking away. He kissed me again. This time, it was deeper and more passionate. I moaned in the kiss as he spread my legs and nestled between them, with his body. I moaned even louder when I felt his erection against my lower region. Out of reflex, I moved my hips forward. I felt so out of control, and we didn't even start anything, yet! Xander just looked so hot and the way he looked at me triggered something in me.

My body was hot all over and I could feel the heat from him. I think it's fair to say that this was definitely going to be hot. Oh, boy, we were both in trouble, tonight. If he didn't take me now, I think I have to butt in and take over, myself.


Bizarre Love Triangle from the_embattled [12.17.05(10:08pm)]
[ mood | stressed ]

Talk about crazy day. Things are bad here as it is, and Buffy comes bearing more bad news. Dawn, Giles and Willow are all dead. I didn't know what to say. If I said anything, it wouldn't make anything better. On our side, we lost Gunn and Lorne. We kind of lost Wesley too, but he's alive...somewhere. I didn't even deal with Gunn and Lorne's death and now I have to deal with this too? This made my situation worse. I was deeply saddened. I don't know when I'll have the chance to cry about anything, but I hope soon. Everyone is entitled to a good cry. Except, in my world, Cordy's not entitled to it.

Then, there was this. Me, Angel and Buffy. It was definitely awkward with us here. Buffy probably thought I'd leave with the rest to leave those two alone. For what? There was no reason. We all knew what happened, and right now is not the time to rekindle any past feelings. I should say Buffy made my situation worse. Angel doesn't know how I feel about him. So, it's not his fault. Maybe, I'm just overreacting to something that's not there at all. I tend to do that, a lot.

They had that star crossed lovers thing going for them, and we all know what happened when they went down that road. Not wanting that to happen, again. It was hard to tell if Angel was over her. Or if Buffy was over him. She came in with that hot blonde guy and he seemed to be close to her.

We all just stood there in silence. I caressed Angel's arm. He looked at me. I wish my eyes could tell him what I've been wanting to tell him for so long. But, he's sometimes totally clueless when it comes to this type of thing.

Angel, soon broke the silence. "So, Anya is with you guys, now?"

Buffy looked up at him and I stopped caressing his arm and looked at him like he was out of his mind. I can't believe he just said that. Could he not think of anything clever to say, like, I don't know, "I'm sorry?" That would have been much better. Smooth one, Angel, I thought to myself. I didn't want to make him feel stupid in front of Buffy and I refrained from saying anything smart, so I went along with it out of comfort for him. God, do I love this manpire or what?

"Yeah, what's that all about? The last time I saw her was on graduation. I thought she was long gone." I guess, I wondered what Anya was doing with them, as well. Except, I wouldn't have picked right now, to mention it. But, I'd like to know what she was doing with the scooby crowd. Buffy didn't say anything.

She was obviously upset and we didn't make it any better. I moved closer to Angel. "I wish I could say something that will change things, but I can't, Buffy. Nothing hasn't even hit me, yet. It's just hard to believe they are gone. And, it must be hard now, but just know that we're here for you. I'm here for you, if you need to talk."

I meant every word. This was a hard time for all of us. I would expect her to return the favor, if I needed to talk. I'm sure I will at some point.

Angel was going to say something, when the doors burst open and in came Connor. "Connor", I said. "I hope this is a nice visit, this time." Connor looked at me. The face didn't seem too bad. He seemed calm, even.

((Angel, Buffy, Connor))

Lovefool from angel_season1 [12.01.05(9:50pm)]
[ mood | hot ]

I lay here, looking up at the ceiling. I glance over at Angel, and he's doing the same thing. Quickly, I look away and go back to looking up at the ceiling. I realized this was the most awkward moment. The funny thing is, I don't know why it's so awkward. Angel has no idea about the feelings I have for him. So, I should be able to deal with this situation with no problem.

About an hour ago, we were upstairs all eating Chinese. Before that, the discussion about me and Angel sleeping in the same bed was the topic of the night. Wesley made a huge deal about it, and I just told him to sleep with Angel, if he was so against me sleeping in Angel's bed. You know Wesley and Angel did not go for that. Wesley pressed the issue so much. I mean, he thought we would totally get it on. Um, excuse me, but we wouldn't have sex. First, ir definitely wouldn't happen with Wesley in the next room. Second, there was a possibility of Angelus coming out to play. I've met him before, and yeah, I so don't want to meet him, again. Besides, we aren't stupid. Me and Angel can compose ourselves like adults.

Wesley was drinking all the beer...ale...whatever you call it. My guess? He's trying to get drunk in case something does happen. If he were a vampire, I would have staked him to death.

Anyway, Wesley went upstairs as we were getting situated in the bedroom. That made things, more awkward. I mean, did he really have to leave us down here, knowing the conversation we just had? He knows Angel gets all tongue tied and stutters, when he's nervous. Most of the time, if he's in an awkward position, he doesn't talk. That's exactly what he was doing now.

I walked into the bathroom to change into a pair of boxers and a t-shirt that I left here, when I left my old apartment. When I walked back into the bedroom, Angel was in the middle of taking off his shirt. I stopped in my tracks. There he stood. His back was toward me. All he had on were boxers. I gulped and just stared. Okay, this maybe harder than I thought. Come on Cordy, get a grip on yourself. It's only Angel. No biggie, right? Of course this was a biggie. What am I, crazy? I'm falling for him and this is not making it any easier. I don't even know what brought this on. I had a crush on him in high school, but that faded quick, when I found out he was a vampire. Now...now, it's different. I know him. I'm close to him. I appreciate that he's a vampire with a soul. It just all came back when I kissed him, to try to get rid of the visions. There was something in that kiss that I will remember.

So, here we are, now. On the bed. Staring up at the ceiling. In, silence. We couldn't be like this all night.

I turned over to my side with my right hand holding my head up. Angel, still lay there looking up. "Angel? Is this what we're going to do all night? Be awkward and not talk, because Wesley mentioned us having sex?" I had to get it all out in the open. "It's okay, if you're a little uncomfortable, but it's me. I-I don't want you to be all weird around me. I'm not saying that you are, but you've hardly said to words to me, since Wesley brought us up", I said as I looked away.

This was going to be a long night. I don't think either of us, were tired. I wanted to talk. Talk it out, if there was anything to talk out at all. I sighed, as I waited for him to say something...anything.


Giles...drunk? from <lj comm="beautiesnbeasts" [11.17.05(9:06pm)]
[ mood | curious ]

I wish I could say the night was over, but I would be lying. It was so far from over. I mean, I almost died, today. I wanted to go home. Unfortunately, we had to go find Giles. There was no place else he would be, but home. So, that's where me and Faith are headed.

Faith, tranquilized the werewolf and locked him in the cage. I guess we'll find out who it is, later or in the morning. I was hoping for morning.

I took in my appearance. From head to toe, I was a complete mess. There were scratches all over my legs and arms. My shirt was torn. My hair...ugh, I don't even want to think about it. This was the day from hell. I'm sorry Willow's gone, but everyone seems to be doing everything else, but caring about it. Oz, ran off. Buffy and Xander, ran off. Me and Faith, ran off. Willow's body is in the van at the frggin' cemetery, you would think we would go back and get the van, but noooooooo. We're going to Giles! God, I really had to catch my breath, before I passed out.

We both walked out of the school and headed to Giles' house.

I'd like to say I had a real one on one with Faith, but that was far from the truth. I didn't say a single word to her and it's been at least five minutes. What was I supposed to say to her? Well...I guess I could say thank you for saving my life. I pushed a piece of my hair behind my ear. "Uh, I want to thank you for saving my life and everything, back there." She looked at me and cocked her head to the side and smiled. "Not a problem, C. I had some help from you too. Girl, you've got some moves on ya!" She laughed. That made me laugh a bit. The first laugh, I had today. Thank you, Faith.

Okay, so maybe Faith wasn't that bad. She did save my life and all. So, yeah, she wasn't bad.

"So much happened, today. It's still not over. I hate to sound mean, but I just want to go home. Get out of these filthy clothes, and forget today ever happened." Bitch of the Year, I am. "Naw, I feel ya. It happens to the best of us, C. You're not wrong for feeling that way. You have a life too."

What she just said, made me feel a little less guilty. I did have my own life. My world didn't revolve around Buffy's world. "Thanks, Faith. At least somebody finally understands me. She winked at me.

The walk there went by faster than I thought. I guess the talking and the dazed walking kept me occupied most of the time we walked. I was just glad we were here. We'll see Giles. Give him the scoop. And, then I was heading home. I didn't care if anybody liked it or not.

We walked up the to Giles' door and knocked. Then, I knocked, again. Two minutes passed and Faith knocked. "Where the heck is he?" I said to Faith. I was growing inpatient. Faith knocked harder on the door this time. We heard a loud mumble. Was he actually sleeping at a time like this? You've got to be kidding me.

I stood there with my arms crossed over my chest. Finally, the door opened. I looked at him and then turned to Faith. Oh...my...God. He looked like a mess and...was that alcohol I smelled coming off of him? I shook my head.

This was going to be interesting. Shoot me, now. Please?

((Giles and Faith))

One Thing After the Other...from the_embattled [11.16.05(6:30pm)]
[ mood | moody ]

I followed behind Connor, as much as possible. He was doing his sense-o thing. Something was bothering me. "Whatever, Cordelia. I know where I'm going, and I guess that I'll get to see your face when we reach Angelus and my father." See my face? I don't get it. Did he know I was lying? I mean, I wasn't actually lying to him. I was just mixing the truth with lies. There's a huge difference.

Connor was a little ahead of me, when he suddenly stopped. I walked faster to catch up with him and it seemed like he heard something. "What? What is it?" I said wondering what he heard. He stood there silent and then started to run.

Obviously, I had no other choice but to run after him. I saw people fighting, in the distance. It must have been what he heard. As I was running closer to the scene, I noticed Fred standing and backing away from the fight. Where was Angel? Connor stopped and, without paying attention, I bumped right into him. I looked at what he saw. We saw a demon eating Holtz. Angel was fighting the demon and I noticed that he was injured. My eyes widened in horror as I saw Holtz's body beaten torn to shreds. Oh my God. This wasn't supposed to happen. This is not how everything was planned. "Connor", I yelled as he ran toward one of the demons.

I saw Fred standing there, afraid and backing away. "Fred", I ran toward her. "Let's get back." We moved further back. Angel was on the floor, but he squeezed the demons neck. Did this thing die? What the hell?! I noticed Angel's shoulder. The demons had spears and it was stuck in his shoulder. He was in obvious pain. I didn't know what to do. "Fred, stay here. I'm going to try something", I mumbled as I walked toward Angel.

Angel saw me and told me to get away. The demon turned it's head and angrily charged toward me. I froze in my shoes. The demon came up to me. Then, he sniffed me. Oh God, why is he sniffing me? Then, it growled and grabbed me by the shoulders. I put both my hands on him. I started to glow.

My whole body glowed as I held on to it, and it held on to me. The glow surrounded us. My heart was racing and I can feel myself getting weak, and quick. I didn't know how long I could last, but I knew I had to try and kill this thing. I glowed longer than expected. After this is all over, I knew I was going to be weak. I don't think Angel knew how weak my energy fades, when I glow. The demon started to shake. My eyes widened, again. My breathing became rapid. It shook and shook and then finally blew up.

I fell back on the ground. I lay there, catching my breath. I turned and Fred ran over to me. I saw Connor, still fighting the other demon. Holtz's destroyed body on the ground. God, how did all of this happen? This wasn't right. This was wrong. They should have stuck to the plan. Everyone knows, if you don't stick to the plan, everything messes up. Now, look. I immediately felt bad, and guilty. Connor saw Holtz. This...this was bad.

Fred tried to pick me up, but I couldn't. My energy was spent. I couldn't move. My body felt numb. I think I was ok. That really took a lot out of me. I mean, yeah, a lot. I couldn't explain it. I managed to sit up.

Angel still lay on the ground, but he got up, holding his shoulder. If he was smart, he'd go after the other demon. There's no telling how long Connor would last. I got the feeling these things were hard to kill. I felt how hard it was to kill it.

Once that....thing is killed, and if Connor doesn't kill Angel, Fred and me...Fred and Angel have some major explaining to do.

Off To Penn's Apartment We Go from angel_season1 [11.10.05(7:08pm)]
[ mood | working ]

So, here I am, sitting in the passenger seat of Angel's car. Wesley's in the back seat. He doesn't look to happy about being back there, but who cares? I wasn't sitting back there.

I convinced them to let me tag along. I was tired of being left out of everything. It was always Angel and Wesley going to check out the big bad and me going home and being completely bored out of my head, for the rest of the night. I was tired of it! I wanted to be out investigating too, and in the midst of danger. Ok well, not maybe in the midst of complete danger, but I wanted to be somewhere around.

Angel tried his hardest to have me stay at the office, but I wasn't having it. What it Penn came back to the office, again. He would kill me. If I went home, who's to say he wouldn't follow me home and kill me there? I told that to Angel and he quickly agreed that I should go with him. I laughed to myself, because Angel's always trying to be my hero. He is my hero. He keeps me safe. Angel is my family, now. And, Wes. Although, my feelings for Angel run a little deeper, whether I want to admit it or not. But, I'm so not going there, right now. Now, we have to try to find out where Penn's hiding out. We're heading to his apartment.

"Do we have a plan? I mean what if he's waiting there and ready to kill you?" Angel gave me a sideways look. I hate when he does that to me. "You have to think about these things! Geesh!" Do I have to think of everything? I didn't hear Wes saying anything in the back seat. I turned to look at him.

"Oh, yeah and I'm not staying in the car. So, if you had that in mind, get it out of your head, right now." I smiled, brightly in Angel's face.

I really think this job has turned me into some crazed person. I wanted to actually come out with them. I'm endangering myself. Then again, I was bait girl back in Sunnydale. What the hell was I thinking? You know how many times I almost died? Of course, this is totally different, because Angel wouldn't let me be in harms way. He might even put Wes in as bait, before me.

I looked in the rear view mirror. "And, why are you so quiet back there? I hope you have a plan in your head, since Angel doesn't seem to have one. He's all, Mr. Jump-in-with-eyes-closed." Wes looked as though he was in serious think mode. Or, he could be constipated. Eww. Does the guy ever loosen up?

I'm a little nervous. I don't know what to expect. This Penn guy, was dangerous. I mean, Angelus taught him everything he knows, so that makes it all the more, dangerous. He's sneaky and just plain evil.

"Are we almost there, yet?"

Maybe, he's not there. That way, we'll go in, find whatever we're looking for, and then we can leave. If he's there...that's a different story. I had a stake in my purse. You can never be too sure about these kinds of situations. I've staked a vamp or two in my day, so I have experience. I just hope I don't have to come face to face with Penn.

((Angel and Wes))

Distractions, Distractions from the_embattled [11.05.05(12:22am)]
[ mood | working ]

I took Connor into Angel's office with me. Angel and Fred had some unfinished business to take care of with Holtz outside in the lobby. Angel wanted me to keep Connor as far away as possible. I knew what Angel was going to do with Holtz. I felt bad for Connor. As much as I want to stick to Holtz myself, it wasn't right that we were keeping him from the truth. If he ever found out, he'd definitely spaz out.

Angel is going to deal with Holtz, for destroying this family. Gunn and Lorne are gone, because if him. I wanted to kill him, myself. The sadness around this place was becoming unbearable. We've all been down for days. Wesley wasn't even around. I mean, it's not like Angel wants to see Wesley's face and I don't blame him. At this point, I don't want to see his face, right now.

Connor looked a me with a bit of suspicion. God, is he is father or what? Creepy much? I smiled at him, to ease his mind. "Thanks for coming in here with me. I wanted to talk to you." Pfft! I didn't even know what I was going to say.

"Sit down, honey. Relax. Your father just wanted me to talk to you about something important." I smiled as I poured him a glass of water and handed it to him. He grabbed it and placed it on the desk. I was totally buying myself time, trying to figure out what the hell I was going to do to keep him in this room and to distract him long enough.

I'm always the one that must deal with the difficult stuff.

Okay, I'm a people person. I'm an actress. Come on Cordy, you can do this. It's just Connor. I swear to god, it's like he's trying to read my thoughts. He was eyeing me, again.

I walked around to Angel's chair and sat down. I sighed and then took a sip of my water. "So, uh, this may be uncomfortable to talk about, but do you know about girls? You know, the birds and the bees?" He looked confused. I crinkled my nose. This was so not working the way I wanted. This is hardly a time to talk about sex. Especially, everything that we've been going through, but I needed to distract him in someway, shape or form. He could not leave this office, until I got the signal.

"You do know what the birds and the bees are, right?" I asked, observing his face and movement. He kept looking out the window. I should have closed the curtains. Luckily, he can't see Angel, Fred and Holtz. That's all that mattered.

"Sex, Connor. That's what I'm talking about. Have you ever...you know?" God, this was the most uncomfortable conversation I've ever had in my life. I have to sit here and lie to this poor kid. This was so inappropriate during a time like this, and I really hope he doesn't pick up on anything.

I'm so going to hell for this. I smiled, nervously.


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